The Ultimate Half Marathon Tune-up

The 15km at the Mizuno Half Marathon is a stunning inner-city run which takes you on a single lap journey right around this historic seaside suburb. The course is challenging and constantly varying with plenty of flats, a couple of tough hills, road and trail, foreshore and reserve. If you are training for the Auckland half or full marathon, this is a great test of your fitness.

Starting right in the heart of Devonport village, the course includes the Devonport foreshore, the historic mansions of Stanley Point, Narrow Neck and Duders Beaches and a lap around the military battlements of Maungauika (North Head). Throughout the event, competitors are treated to breathtaking views of the Waitemata Harbour with the Auckland sky line and Rangitoto for a backdrop. This is a course to remember!

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All competitors start together at 8:30am.
Time Limit is 2.5 hrs. You must be able to maintain an average pace 10’00
Perfect half marathon tune-up. Mix of road, path and trail with some short challenging hills.

The 15K is the ultimate half marathon tune-up
just five weeks out from the Auckland Marathon.

Course Description

The event begins with a short section on the shell path on the western section of the Devonport foreshore, with stunning views of Auckland City, the Harbour Bridge and the navy frigates in the dockyard. A right turn before the Navy base entrance is met with the imposing climb up Huia St, which provides an urgent wake-up call for the quads. Turn left at the summit into Calliope Rd and continue on the wide footpath all the way to the entrance to Stanley Bay Park, crossing the road as directed by race marshals.

The path through Stanley Bay Park leads you into the NZ Navy’s superb Ngataringha Bay sports facility. Follow the perimeter road on a wide clockwise circuit around the fields – enjoying fantastic views of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Exit the base on the access road which becomes Jim Titchener Parade. A sharp left turn takes you onto a pedestrian bridge across the creek and into Abbotsford Terrace. Follow Abbotsford Terrace until a left turn into Victoria Rd brings you to the entrance to Ngataringa Park.

Follow the concrete path through the centre of Ngataringa Park, past the skate park, until it joins up with Lake Rd and the 5km marker. Turn right and stay on the footpath of Lake Rd all the way to the Albert Rd roundabout. Bear right onto Albert Rd and cross over at the pedestrian crossing. Albert Rd becomes Victoria Rd. Follow it down the hill, bearing left until a left turn into Kerr St leads you past Mount Victoria Reserve.

At the end of Kerr St, bear left into Saint Aubyn St. A left turn at the end of Saint Aubyn St takes you onto Church St where you may encounter 10km competitors heading north from the sea front. Cross to the east side of Church St at Cracroft St and continue to the junction with Albert Rd where you will turn right and then cross over Albert Rd shortly thereafter. Please take care here, Albert Rd is busy and is on a bus route.

From the north side of Albert Rd, turn right into Derby St and continue past Waitemata Golf Club to a path between the Plunket Centre and bowling green takes you through to Wairoa Rd. Stay on the footpath on the golf course side of Wairoa Rd past Woodall Park to the pedestrian crossing of Old Lake Rd in front of Narrow Neck Beach. Enjoy the views of this beautiful beach, with Rangitoto as a back drop, but take care at the end of the beach where you cross over the boat ramp.

You are now on the Vauxhall Rd footpath for a long, but relatively benign, uphill push takes you past our former venue, Fort Takapuna. At the top of the hill, you begin to drop down towards Cheltenham. Bear left into Tainui Road, where you will find the 10km marker, and then turn left into Matai Road. Run to the end of Matai Road – enjoying the view over beautiful Cheltenham Beach and cross to the other footpath before a left turn joins you onto the seaward footpath on Oxford Terrace. At the end of Oxford Terrace, turn left for a short section down Cheltenham Rd to the famous McHugh’s of Cheltenham restaurant. Cross over to the other footpath and continue back along Cheltenham Rd.

Turn left into Takarunga Rd and head towards the entry gate into North Head. Bear left onto the grass footpath and follow the signs and marshal directions for a full loop around North Head, enjoying stunning views to Rangitoto and back to Auckland City. Arriving back at the main gate, proceeed back down Takarunga Rd on the opposite footpath and turn left back into Cheltenham Rd.

At the bottom of Cheltenham Rd, turn left for a short section along King Edward Parade to the award winning Navy Museum at Torpedo Bay before returning along the Devonport foreshore. Just past the junction of Church St (where 5km and 10km participants turn) bear left onto the shoreside gravel path – you are almost home now!

Approaching Devonport Village, bear left onto the boardwalk and then promenade past Devonport Beach. The finish line is almost close enough to touch but don’t be deceived! You still have almost 600 metres to go. Follow the promenade out to the sea and around the point and then back towards the ferry terminal. Just before the terminal, take a victory lap of Victoria Wharf for 360 degrees views of our beautiful city and harbour.

As you come off the wharf, the glorious finish line is directly ahead of you. You made it!

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