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Finisher Dog Tag

Everyone who finishes the Mizuno Devonport Half Marathon – irrespective of distance – will receive an exclusive commemorative Finisher Dog Tag. The design for the 2017 dog tag will be revealed here closer to the race date.

All finishers in the half marathon distance will also receive a Mizuno Auckland Half Marathon Series finisher token. Every individual who completes the 21km distance at all of the events in the Auckland Half Marathon Series in a single season will receive an amazing Grand Slam medal as a memento of your superb achievement. Each of your finisher tokens fits inside the Grand Slam medal to make the ultimate runner’s blingfest!

For more info, see the Half Marathon Series info page.

2015 Finisher Dog Tag

In 2015 the Devonport Classic finisher dog tag featured the venerable Esplanade Hotel.

The story of The Esplanade Hotel begins in 1900 when a local company, Northern Property Limited purchased the old Flagstaff Hotel and plans were drawn up for a grand hotel to be built. The plans were modeled on the resort hotels of the English seaside towns of Brighton and Blackpool.

Construction of the £7000 hotel started in 1901 by leading builder of the time, William Cranston, and construction was completed in February 1903. The Esplanade Hotel quickly became established as a well run popular seaside resort hotel.

2014 Finisher Dog Tag

In 2014 the Devonport Classic finisher dog tag featured the iconic disappearing guns of North Head.

These guns are mounted on a carriage that used the power from actually firing the gun to send the gun back and down on the carriage, concealing it. The idea behind it being retracted below ground meant that between shots it could be loaded out of sight of any attacking ships.

There are very few of these guns left anywhere in the world and North Head’s model is very unusual as it was only ever used in New Zealand and Australia.

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