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We’ve compiled some great articles by run coach Barb Kramer to help you with your preparations for the Devonport Half Marathon. Try these out and see how your training goes!


Five Key Muscle Groups For Stronger Running

Barb wrote this article not to highlight specific exercises, but target muscle groups to work on for the benefit of your running. Smart runners know that targeted strength and conditioning routines as part of their regular training program will significantly reduce the risk of injury, as well as help them improve overall running performance. [read more…]


Five Tips For Great Hill Running

You can’t escape the hills so you have to dominate them instead. This article illustrates some practical running technique tips for approaching both the molehill and the mountain. [read more…]


Heart Rate Training

It’s not hard to get confused by the complex terminology and varied opinions on heart rate training. On this page you can find a great explanation of heart rate training and hopefully an new way for you to really improve your running. [read more…]



Stride outs are a beneficial and enjoyable workout that can improve both leg speed and running form. They are an excellent exercise to combine with other techniques and vary your training. [read more…]


The Importance of Stretching

Perhaps a controversial subject, stretching is still an important part of keeping your body injury-free. In this article Barb runs over four methods of stretching and outlines how they work your muscles. [read more…]


The Last 24 Hours…

Preparation for race day can be the most stressful time but it’s also some of the most important. As Barb says, “Small details can make all the difference!”. [read more…]

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